S.W. Neil - About us

Having opened in 1985, S.W.Neil Plumbing Sales & Services Limited has become one of the most visible businesses of it's kind in Jamaica to date, with an exceptional track record for quality products and superior service.

Over the years S.W.Neil has grown from a small business carrying mostly pipes and fittings, and doing mostly minor plumbing services; to having blossomed into a large-scale operation. Tripling staff size from 6 to over 18 experienced personnel and offering the widest range of products from rubber washers to the most massive & luxurious whirlpool baths and steam units.

Such immense growth (mostly through word of mouth) can only come though years of providing excellent products, offering excellent service and constantly doing good business with our valued customers.

At S.W.Neil perfection is always at the forefront. Our Managing Director Stenton Neil being an absolute perfectionist and trained plumber. Our Finance & Admin. Director Beverley Neil being a sharp, serious-business lady. And our Marketing & Sales Manager Danielle Neils' keen eye for appeal blend to achieve perfection.